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  1. Tennessee Memphis Rock & Soul Museum license plate

    2024-04-01 15:08:07 UTC
    The imagery I produced as the photographer for Gibson Guitar was often used by many media outlets outside of the corporation for ad campaigns, publications, websites, etc. One of the more exciting uses was discovered when I was covering the Memphis Rock ‘N’ Soul Museum fundraiser event for Gibson at…

  2. Photoshoot with a chilling effect - Nashville, TN

    2024-03-06 23:08:48 UTC
    Letting your imagination run wild sometimes got me in trouble as a kid. As I got older I realized this can be a great asset as a photographer. This was just such an occasion. I decided that I’d push myself to do a winter-themed conceptual shoot. Often we give seasons…

  3. Memorable Photoshoots in Nashville, TN part 5 Frampton’s lost guitar

    2024-01-19 22:25:11 UTC
    You never know when you might cross paths with a historic moment. Such was the occasion in 2012 when I was called over to the Gibson Custom Shop. Upon arriving I was ushered into the conference room and the door was closed in with  Anthony Bass the company graphic designer…

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