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  1. Whatever it takes to get the shot - Photographers tale from Memphis

    2023-08-24 20:56:23 UTC
    Whatever it takes to get the shot When I told my father many years ago that I was going into the photography business he insisted I get a suit. Being an attorney all his professional life he could not conceive that a businessman would not wear a suit. Seeing that…

  2. Memorable Photoshoot in Nashville, TN part 3 Grace Potter

    2023-08-10 15:56:11 UTC
    10 minutes with Grace Potter in a locker room  Back in 2012 I was assigned to shoot Grace Potter for Gibson Guitars. The opportunity that was available by our deadline was prior to her going on stage to perform at Nissan Stadium. It was understood that I would have a…

  3. My conceal carry….camera

    2023-08-08 15:55:51 UTC
    As a professional photographer, you get so used to shooting for others that you have a tendency to forget about shooting personal photos just for yourself and the joy of the experience It became a habit to pull out my professional cameras and lens and all the accessories in a…

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