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Photoshoot with a chilling effect - Nashville, TN

Letting your imagination run wild sometimes got me in trouble as a kid. As I got older I realized this can be a great asset as a photographer. This was just such an occasion. I decided that I’d push myself to do a winter-themed conceptual shoot. Often we give seasons human personas. Often this persona is one of a queen of the freezing season that enters in on the heels of fall. So a Winter Queen would be needed.

To realize this hair-brained idea I started doing some sketches. I’m not that good at sketching however, it helps to get it out of my head and on paper.  I first knew that a very talented hair and makeup artist would be needed so I turned to the amazing Shana Purkey. I shared my thoughts and mood boards and we developed a plan. We also collaborated on props and wardrobe. Realizing I needed a model I turned to Cheryl B. to model knowing that she would understand my direction. She was also kind enough to bring a great white dress.

Next, I picked up a lot of aluminum foil to use for the ice background. Then went ahead and got multiple rolls of plastic wrap for the background for added dimension. With the queen of winter thought I looked for an appropriate crown. Have you ever searched for an ice crown? Well, we came up empty so I got the wild idea of making one. Grabbed a hair band and my glue gun and went to work. Ya know a glue gun can make pretty good fake icicles with some practice.

On shoot day we proceeded to turn our model into one cold-hearted woman. Shana did a great job with the pale blueish base and steel cold accents. She even added frosted lashes. Next, the hair was slicked back and turned white. Then the crown of icicles was added. Now we had our frigid royal.

On set, we added some winter foliage to the background and on the model. A blue gel was added to the background light. Then the shutter started. The thought of winter announcing its arrival with a blowing in of a cool breeze came to me. So I directed Cherly to lift her hand and blow to the camera in a determined manner. Suddenly it all came together.

You just have to remember that letting your creative muse push you can often lead to wonderful surprises. We need to revive this series and complete the theme. 

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