Giving Monster Java a spooky presence

It’s that season where the days are growing shorter and the shadows seem to take on their own life. Preparations are underway around our house for the anticipated visit by little ghouls and goblins demanding candy treats. From the woods behind our house, I noticed some slight smoke and I thought I heard cackling laughter. Upon further investigation, I stumbled upon this scene. Sometimes those sneaky neighborhood witches can be scary and yet so thoughtful at the same time. When I drank this deliciously strange concoction of Monster Java I discovered I was energized and was able to carve pumpkins till morning light.

Well okay, I got carried far away with my imagination. However, I do enjoy coming up with product photography that seems to conjure up a story. So if you have a long evening of handing over your hoard of candy to those little Halloween visitors my advice is to light the jack-o-lanterns and get yourself some caffeine. It’s going to be a long night folks.